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Keyframe animation defines tweens and transitions given a set time-positioned values. Keyframes interpolated between these values over the course of your animation. keyframes use's keyframe engine. See Keyframes for more information. Keyframes objects should be constructed for each object being animated, such as each Viewport or Layer.

Overview of Keyframes
Keyframe ClassDescription
KeyframesThe base keyframe is typically extended.
CameraKeyframesFor animating web mercator views. e.g. viewState or mapState
DeckLayerKeyframesFor animating layers, such as ScatterPlotLayer radius.
KeplerLayerKeyframesFor animating layers, such as point layer opacity or color.
KeplerFilterKeyframesFor animating filters, such as time or range.
KeplerTripKeyframesFor animating layer animations, such as trip time.

If using the built-in animation classes, such as DeckAnimation or KeplerAnimation, you will not directly construct these keyframes but instead pass in their parameters to animation methods.