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The LayerKeyframes class extends the Keyframes class and offers support for animating layers. In your application, extend from LayerKeyframes as shown in the ScatterPlotLayerKeyframes example. Add features to animate, such as radius. When designing your scene, keyframe values are required for each feature you define. When constructing anything based on LayerKeyframes the layerId property may be provided, which should match the layer id of the layer you're animating.


import {LayerKeyframes} from '';

class ScatterPlotLayerKeyframes extends LayerKeyframes {
  constructor(props) {
    super({...props, features: ['radius', 'opacity']});



  • layerId (string) - layer id.

  • features (Array<string>) - An array of features to animate.

  • timings (Array<number>) - "N" timestamps for beginning of keyframe.

  • keyframes (Array<Object>) - "N" camera objects to transition between.

    • Each feature is a key in this object. The value defines the animation.
  • easings (Array<() => void) - "N-1" easing functions between keyframes.

More Info

See Keyframes and Keyframes for more information.